steps to GET whipt:

1. choose from our house flavors (by the dozen)...

chocolate chip

white chocolate chip

toffee crunch



chocolate crinkle

2. decide WHICH cookie style...

original cookiecakes ($33 per dozen)

personal sized treats standing under 2" tall with a soft center encased within a crunchy shell.

a unique departure from gourmet cupcakes to sink your chops into.

crunchycakes ($20 per dozen)

personal sized treats standing about 1/2" tall with more crunch to the bite.

comparable to the classic cookie experience.

3. choose your topping...


dipped & drizzled (+$6 per dozen)

gourmet garnished (+$12 per dozen)

edible graphics (+$12 per dozen)

with 2.5" diameter circle of printable surface area

can't decide? try a sampler platter ($23 - $36 per baker's dozen)

4. place your order...

Phone: 844.44.WHIPT